Building Resilience webinar series

How resilient are you and your people?  Have the demands placed on your employees by COVID exceeded their coping strategies?

Stress levels in the corporate world have never been higher, and associated with this is an alarming increase in the number of suicides worldwide as reported by the WHO.  And this was before COVID!  Stress that is poorly managed leads to depleted resilience and a host of mental and physical problems, which include depression, anxiety, hypertension and diabetes to mention but a few.

Having worked in the field of mental illness for 30 years with patients, employers, disability claims assessors and attorneys, Occupational Therapist Lesley Burns can assist you with her on-line webinar series focused on building resilience.  The series, which is presented in Lesley’s usual interactive style, consists of an introductory session on understanding stress and identifying it’s sources in the workplace, followed by 5 sessions on specific topics that are known to deplete resilience even under “normal” circumstances.  These include:

  1. Dealing with anticipatory anxiety including challenging negative, catastrophic thinking.
  2. How to communicate with and relate to others more effectively especially if working remotely.
  3. Learning to be assertive.
  4. Time management and the importance of goal setting.
  5. Lifestyle management to optimize resilience.


This webinar series is suited to employees at all levels within an organization from most junior to most senior.  Professionals performing human resource functions will find it invaluable in understanding some of the issues that could be contributing to employees complaints or signs of depleted resilience / high stress.

You don’t have to attend all 5 sessions…you can pick and choose according to your needs, and the introductory session is free with any one other session that you register to attend.

Each session is R100.00 and if you register for all 5, you only pay for 4 (R400.00).  There is a 10% discount for group bookings of four or more people.

The only thing about the future in the world of work that is certain for now is that it is uncertain.  It is resilience that will allow you to survive and even thrive.

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