Adapting to Change

How are you and your organization adapting to the changes enforced by the COVID-19 pandemic? 

This webinar presented in my usual interactive style, will assist in how to ensure best success in adapting to the current and longer term changes from a human capital point of view.

In this webinar I provide information and guidance on the following:

  • Understanding the effects of change on individuals.
  • Understanding why there is resistance to change.
  • Understanding the stages of change management.
  • Understanding why Leaders have to be proactive at this critical time.
  • Understanding the consequences of not addressing the changes in all key components of your business.
  • Making sure your employees are able to function optimally in the future.

To expect everything to simply fall back into place once the pandemic is under control and the lockdown is completely lifted, would be short-sighted.  Those that are proactive will reap the benefits in the long term. 

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