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Mental Health Training To Promote and Support Well-Being

When employees enjoy robust physical and mental health, they are happier, more engaged, more motivated, more productive, more resilient, less prone to absenteeism, and more likely to be loyal and therefore stay with your business for longer. My suite of Mental Health workshops offers a range of resources and solutions for everyone – all employees, managers and leaders, HR and Occupational Health Practitioners, enabling instant support and resources for all types of mental health issues at work.


Training Types

Conference centers, clients’ premises, and online



Half day workshops (4 hours)
Full day workshops (8 hours)
Customised workshops (duration of client’s choice)



To obtain a thorough understanding of the causes of mental illness and distress, and the mediators of coping at work


Understanding and Managing Mental Illness in the Workplace

There are 3 versions of this workshop to accommodate clients’ time and budget allowances:  Short (1 hour); Tall (3 hours); and Grande (full day).  All  3 versions can be faciliated on-site or on-line.

In 2021, in the midst of a global viral pandemic that was fast precipitating a mental health crisis, employers and their Managers found themselves needing to learn to understand mental illness better. For example, what is the difference between depression and just having a bad day? Without such understanding, effective management of the people affected by mental illness and their colleagues, is not possible.

This workshop will provide you with the understanding required at a non-mental-health-professional level, ways of reducing the stigma of mental illness in the workplace, as well as strategies for effective management of employees presenting with these conditions.

If your Leaders are struggling to manage the added pressure of an increase of employees presenting with mental illness in their workplace, this workshop will be invaluable.

Building Resilience series of workshops

Stress is part of life and cannot be avoided, but how it is managed is up to each and every person, and this can make all the difference.

In this workshop you will learn to identify the most significant stressors that deplete your resilience, as well as techniques for managing these more effectively. Your quality of life and productivity not only at work, but at home as well, will improve more than you might believe possible.

Adapting To Change

Understanding the processes as well as the human reactions to change is critical for Managers especially during the current time of uncertainty in our workplaces.

In this short workshop you will learn about these processes and reactions, which will in turn provide you with a great deal more empathy and ease when it comes to managing your employees and optimising their performance

Understanding and Managing Employee Mental Health during difficult times

This is a 1-hour workshop on how to understand and manage your employees mental health during the difficult time we are currently going through.

Understanding and Managing Burnout

Half-day workshop (3 hours); on-site or on-line. What is this thing called Burnout? Exhaustion, chronic stress, nervous breakdown,…and the list of misconceptions goes on. Finally recognized by the World Health Organisation in May 2019 as an “occupational phenomenon”, let me demystify this condition for you.

This workshop will provide you not only with an accurate understanding of this complicated condition but also what the warning signs are to look out for, and strategies to use in your workplace to reduce the risk for your employees. You will finally be able to recognize who is really burning out and who is misusing the term.

Management of Addiction in the WorkPlace

Addiction is one of SA’s most prevalent types of mental illness. In this 4 hour workshop you will learn to understand it as a mental illness. As such, you will identify how best it can be managed in the workplace.


Half-day workshop (3 hours). On-site or on-line.

If ever there was an untruth when it comes to interpersonal interaction and communication, it is that someone is too assertive. Human beings communicate somewhere on a continuum from passive through assertive to aggressive. It is the people in the assertive range that are most successful and powerful in their interactions regardless of with whom they are interacting be it their colleagues, family members, friends or even strangers.

In this workshop you will learn about what it means to be assertive and the benefits thereof. You will learn and practice some useful techniques to use in developing this style of communication.

Remote Communication Epic Fails

2-hour team-building workshop. On-site or on-line.

In today’s world of abbreviated and predictive text, emoticons and emojis, and aversion to punctuation, how often has your remote communication with colleagues (and friends) gone terribly wrong?

In this enlightening and fun workshop we take a look at the epic fail potential of remote communication. It is designed to promote more effective communication in today’s work environments and in turn optimize team cohesion.


Give me a call to chat about the mental health challenges currently facing you and your team / organization. I will then prepare a tailor-made session or series of sessions for which we will negotiate the duration and cost depending on your budget. Some examples of recent tailor-made workshop titles include the following:


Mental Health Matters at [company name]


Love Yourself Wellness Wednesdays


Interacting with people with Mental Illness at Work


Mental illness versus Malingering


Leadership during a Pandemic



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