Understanding and Managing Mental Illness in the Workplace


In-person and Online workshop


This workshop series is suited to Leaders at all levels within an organization from most junior to most senior. Professionals performing human resource functions will find it invaluable in understanding the mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety that are reported by employees. This will further assist in determining whether or not claims for disability may be indicated.


The WHO predicts that depression will be the leading cause of disability claims by 2020…that’s now! Can you afford not to proactively manage this pandemic?

This six-hour interactive workshop is for all employers, employees, HR Managers, and anyone who wants to understand mental illness. You will also learn how to break down the stigma and be more accommodating of sufferers in the workplace.

What will you Learn?

  • Defining, diagnosing, and treating mental illness.
  • The difference between mental and neurological illness.
  • The “Big 5” types of mental illness most likely to be seen in modern day workplaces.
  • Substance Use Disorders
  • What are Personality Disorders?
  • The Stigma and how to reduce it at work.
  • The ultimate cost of unmanaged mental illness.
  • Difference between real and fake mental illness.
  • Assessing capacity for work / Basic functioning enabling a person to work – guidelines for HR and management.
  • Job/workplace accommodation
  • Person management.
  • Workplace management
  • Case studies.


“Thank you so much, it was an awesome workshop.”

– Participant

“Once again thank you so much for the insightful workshop session this morning.”

– Participant

“Really enjoyed workshop, very informative. Interaction great!”

– Participant

“Great workshop! Was very nervous about having to do the breakaway sessions, but actually found them worthwhile!”

– Participant

“Thank you very much Lesley for this workshop. It more than met my expectation. Would definitely like to attend another training session, my workload allowing. I will also be recommending this course to colleagues as, so thank you.”

– Participant


Understanding & Managing Mental Illness in the Workplace


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