Workshops are currently facilitated at conference centres, clients’ premises and on-line with Zoom.  Clients are based nationwide and even across our borders.  Topics are all related mental health / illness and you can see below for more detail.

Understanding and Managing Mental Illness in the Workplace

This is a 4 hour workshop for HR personnel, Disability Claims Assessors, Managers and Supervisors.  You will gain insight into what mental illness is and how to address the stigma at work.  You will learn how to identify signs of mental illness in your employees and what action is indicated.

What is this thing called Burnout?

Burnout was accepted as an “occupational phenmenon” by the WHO in May 2019.  In this 2 hour seminar you will learn what it is as well as  how to identify and manage it amongst your employees.

Building Resilience series of webinars

This webinar series is suited to employees at all levels within an organization from most junior to most senior. Professionals performing human resource functions will find it invaluable in understanding some of the issues that could be contributing to employees complaints or signs
of depleted resilience / high stress.

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Management of Addiction in the Worklace

Addiction is one of SA’s most prevalent types of mental illness.  In this 4 hour workshop you will learn to understand it as a mental illness.  As such, you will identify how best it can be managed in the workplace.  

Adapting To Change

This webinar presented in my usual interactive style, will assist in how to ensure best success in adapting to the current and longer term changes from a human capital point of view.

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Understanding and Managing Employee Mental Health during difficult times.

This is a 1-hour webinar on how to understand and manage your employees mental health during the difficult time we are currently going through.

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