Newsflash: for the first quarter of this year, all workshops for public attendance will continue to be run on-line due to the prevailing pandemic. However, for in-house events, i.e. where an event is run for one company for attendance only by your employees, it can be done either on-line or at your premises.

Looking for a Mental Health Matters webinar that meets the unique and specific requirements of your organizational culture, structure and budget?

Looking for a webinar workshop space which leaves you feeling informed, capable, engaged and inspired?

Looking to leave feeling your time and money has been well spent?

It’s time for something with that personal touch.

Tailor-made workshop webinar spaces allow you to get what you want, at an affordable rate.

Developing employee resilience, understanding burnout, managing change and transition, financial health, the role of medication… There are many areas of mental health matters within the workplace.

My workshop webinar spaces are custom designed in order to bring you a webinar or webinar series which meets your brief and your budget.

You can choose between a selection of topics, decide the duration, and diarize a time and date which suits you. With my guidance, your final webinar workshop experience will bring you specific input, solutions, and management plans seamlessly aligned with your needs, values and business vision.

The minimum group workshop space run with 6 attendees, with a maximum of up to 50 attendees.


Webinar workshop themes

1. Understanding & Managing Mental Illness in the Workplace

The contents of the workshop/webinar include the following:

1. Defining, diagnosing and treating mental illness.
2. The difference between mental & neurological illness.
3. The “Big 5” types of mental illness most likely to be seen in modern day workplaces.
4. What are Personality Disorders?
5. The Stigma and how to reduce it at work.
6. The ultimate cost of unmanaged mental illness.
7. Difference between real and fake mental illness.
8. Assessing capacity for work / Basic functioning enabling a person to work – guidelines for HR
Professionals and Management.
9. Reasonable accommodation.
10. Person management.
11. Workplace management.
12. Case studies.

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Duration: full day workshop or 6 hour webinar

2. Understanding & Managing Burnout

💻 Some history about the condition.
💻 The 3 dimensions.
💻 People at risk and warning signs.
💻 Cost to company and employee.
💻 The 6 domains (causes).
💻 Measuring / assessment tools.
💻 The 5 different worker profiles.
💻 Intervention – organizational and individual.
💻 Difference between depression, job dissatisfaction and burnout.

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Duration: 2 hours

3. Building resilience

💻 Understanding the effects of chronic stress.
💻 Dealing with anticipatory anxiety including challenging negative, catastrophic thinking.
💻 How to communicate with and relate to others more effectively especially if working remotely.
💻 Learning to be assertive.
💻 Time management and the importance of goal setting.
💻 Lifestyle management, including identifying your financial personality to optimize your financial wellbeing during difficult times.

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Duration: 2 hours

4. Addiction & Incapacity in the Workplace

💻 Addiction explained.
💻 Alcohol and other substances.
💻 DSM (Diagnostic & Statistical Manual of Mental Illnesses) classification.
💻 How to recognise the signs of alcohol and other substance abuse.
💻 Co-existing mental illnesses.
💻 Intervention including management in the workplace.
💻 Stigma.

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Duration: 2 hours

5. Understanding & Managing Employee Mental Health during difficult times

💻 Understanding the range of emotions experienced by employees during times of crisis.
💻 Recognizing when an employee is struggling to cope.
💻 Monitoring employee performance / productivity.
💻 Guidelines for exceptional leadership in difficult times.
💻 Workplace interventions to optimize employees’ mental health.

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Duration: 1 hour

6. Adapting to Change

💻 Understanding the effects of change on human beings and their reactions.
💻 Understanding why there is resistance to change.
💻 Understanding the stages of change management.
💻 Understanding why Leaders have to be exceptional and proactive during times of change.
💻 Understanding the consequences of not addressing the changes in all key components of your business.
💻 Making sure your employees are able to function optimally in the future.

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Duration: 1 hour

7. The Power of being Assertive

💻What does it mean to be assertive?

💻The spectrum of communication styles.

💻The effect of Personality Disorders & Mental Illness on communication style.

💻Assertiveness techniques.

💻Assertiveness in the face of aggression.

💻Assertiveness when giving and receiving criticism.

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Duration: 2 hours

8. Remote Communication Epic Fails

A fun, educational and bonding IN-HOUSE workshop for you and your team.
Designed not only to be enlightening but entertaining, fun and team building. A 1½ hour workshop at your office for an unlimited number of attendees.
* this is only for teams not for public attendance.

Online Support Groups

We are living in a difficult time – as if you hadn’t noticed!  As a result, managers are being asked to spend significantly more time and energy attending to their teams’ emotional / psychological wellbeing, which is draining and increases the risk of burnout.  Not to mention the fact that rarely are managers experienced in dealing with the kind of issues that many employees are currently facing.  Allow me to ease these burdens.

My one-hour online support groups are facilitated weekly, fortnightly, or monthly; depending on the intensity of your employees’ needs.

There is no specific theme, although I always start with a dialogue stimulator and ensure we end on a positive note.  Essentially, the participants guide the session with whatever they want to talk about and I facilitate, reflect, direct, redirect, etc.

Any number of employees can attend, up to one hundred.  The cost to you for the session is a set-fee regardless of the number of participants.

Some people come to talk and some just to listen… either way, support is gained and the load on your managers is eased.

Contact me if you would like more information or to book a support group for your team / organisation.

Why Lesley Burns?

I bring more than 30 years of exposure to a variety of work environments, from corporate, industrial and sales, to retail, academic and medical. I further have significant insight into the types of audiences I am presenting to: whether it be senior / middle / junior management, administrative or operational staff.

My Method:

Zoom is my webinar platform of choice, from which I share PowerPoint presentation made further available to you at the end of each session. If required, certificates of attendance can be provided. Attendees participate with the included tools via pen and paper, and are invited to follow-up with their Q&A input via email with me directly, as required.

My Promise To You…

I can assure you that you will not only gain value in terms of understanding and managing all matters mental health within the workplace, but that you will further enjoy this webinar experience and enjoy a positive outcome.

The feedback I continue to receive from my clients reflects the value of these workshops.

In fact, such is my confidence, that I guarantee a full refund if you leave feeling unsatisfied with the time and money spent.

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