Stress Management customised presentation

Mar 4, 2020 | Insights | 0 comments

I was recently asked to prepare a presentation on stress management for a corporate client.  The presentation was part of a team building day for their entire organisation of approximately 60 people.  The focus was to be on the stressors currently facing South Africans as well as their particular organisation.  This was before the covid 19 epidemic.

Engaging the audience

As it was part of a team building day, I prepared something that was both informative and engaging.  I focused on workplace stressors and included team exercises to highlight some of these.  Stress management is a serious topic but if you don’t engage your audience, little is learned.

If you are interested in a customised stress management presentation, please make contact.  Presentations or workshops on burnout, assertiveness, mental illness and addiction can also be arranged.

Spreading the word and increasing awareness about all things related to mental illness is my game.

Take care.



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