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Functional Impairment Evaluations (FIE)

An evaluation of one or more specific aspects of function, eg. hand function, mobility. The person’s work potential is usually not considered in Functional Impairment claims.

Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE)

An evaluation of a person’s ability to function in all areas of daily living that assists in determining their work potential. It includes a detailed history of the person’s education and work history. The person may be suffering from a physical, cognitive or psychological illness that may be acute or chronic in nature. The ErgoScience Physical Work Performance Evaluation is used to assist in the assessment of a person’s ability to meet the physical demands of work.

Return-to-Work Case management (RTW)

RTW Case Management aims to promote return to work of employees following an extended period of absence due to job threatening injury or illness. It includes liaison with attending medical practitioners and recommendations regarding special accommodations that may be required in the workplace. The Progressive Goal Attainment Program (PGAP) is offered to assist with return-to-work of people with physical and psychological conditions.

Activities of Daily Living Assessments (ADL)

A short assessment only of activities of daily living such as self-care, domestic and family responsibility, driving, recreational and social activities, community survival, etc. Work potential is not included.

Audits of accessibility for people with disabilities

Audits of accessibility for people with disabilities are undertaken at public facilities such as shopping centres and leisure centres, corporate office complexes and residences. The South African National Standards are used for assessing compliance and providing recommendations.

Medico-legal Evaluations

Medico-legal Evaluations are undertaken for Attorneys to assist with personal injury claims. Consideration is given to the extent of the person’s functional incapacity, work potential, need for further intervention, need for assistance, and need for assistive devices, special equipment and accommodation adaptation to promote optimal independence in daily life.

Understanding and managing mental illness in the workplace

A two-hour interactive workshop for Disability Claims Assessors, Human Resources personnel, and Managers and Supervisors in any work environment . This will provide you with insight into the meaning of the various types of mental illness and how to optimally manage sufferers of mental illness in the workplace.