On Friday 22 October 2021, I did my first presentation in front of a live audience in 20 months…thank you Vista Academy for having me!  I have been saying during these past 20 months how grateful I am for the technology that has allowed virtual workshops to take place, but at the same time, how much I have missed the interaction that you can only get with a live audience.

The audience on Friday was a unique one for me in that it was made of fellow mental health professionals, mostly Psychologists, instead of my usual corporate clients.  As you can imagine, when you present to your “learned colleagues”, there is often an additional anxiety although I can honestly say that my excitement about simply being there kept my nervous energy at bay.

Understanding and managing mental illness in the workplace has never been a hotter topic than it is currently.  I recently heard that many Psychiatrists are closing their doors to new patients because they are so overwhelmed by the influx that has happened since the start of the Covid pandemic.  I urge all employers out there to do what they can to support their employees at this time and also to take note of the added pressures that those in leadership positions find themselves in.  Team Leaders, Supervisors and Managers are being asked to fulfill a much greater supportive role than before, and many are struggling to cope with this due to limited understanding of the signs and symptoms that team members are presenting with.

I will be continuing to offer virtual workshops as and when preferred by clients, but live, in-house workshops are very much back for those clients who would prefer and are able to host these.

Take care everyone.

Your partner in Mental Health Matters in the Workplace


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