Hi folks,
Me again. Today I am offering you a sneak peak into my ‘Building Resilience’ mental health matters webinar, which discusses how to identify where resilience is taking the most strain and what factors one might work with to encourage a greater sense of resilience in one’s self, and in one’s team.
As with all our webinars, we do offer private in-house bookings – however, should you wish to secure your spot at one of the public webinars, this webinar is available for booking on the following dates:
26th of February, from 9am to 11am
26th of March, from 1pm to 3pm
To RSVP or to enquire about booking an in-house workshop, please contact me on +27 11 646 9649 or drop me a mail at tmlb@absamail.co.za.
Bye for now!
hi folks and welcome back to
those of you that have been tuning in
with me since
around about june of 2020 to those of
you that are new
welcome i’m leslie and i present
some short video clips on on various
mental health matters in the workplace
for those of you that have been watching
throughout 2020 you will have seen that
normally i’m in the garden
you can hear the birds you can look at
the beautiful flowers
to be honest with you it’s just too hot
so here i am in my more formal capacity
in my office and today i’m actually here
to give you a little sneak preview into
one of my webinars um and that’s the one
on building resilience
so just to clarify building resilience
overlaps quite a lot with stress
and you know it’s it’s something that
that you hear a lot about these days
especially since covert and and the the
and everyone’s talking about how we need
to build our resilience
we need to be more resilient um and what
does this really mean
um and i think i i’m not going to read
you any dictionary definition of
resilience but it’s
it’s really about being able to stand up
to the pressures
that we’re facing um and
the the the process of building
resilience is very much like
building physical fitness it takes a lot
of effort
and only you yourself can do that
i was chatting to someone the other day
and i said wouldn’t it be brilliant if
someone could invent a resilience
pill and we could all take it and and
suddenly we could all be more resilient
unfortunately that’s not how it happens
so in this workshop or webinar
i talk about various uh different
issues that that help to build
resilience and some of these might seem
very obvious to you and you might just
need a reminder about them but
the first thing i think that is is
absolutely critical
is understanding what it is that
depletes your resilience
so if you’re finding that you’re lacking
in resilience why
and for everybody that’s that’s
different so we need to understand what
it is what are the kinds of things that
can break down resilience
we need to identify these in order to
how to deal with those specific things
we could also call those stresses
stressors okay and then we have to look
at things like
lifestyle and i think this is a topic
that everyone kind of dreads
you know the part where someone comes
along and tells you
about how you’re doing everything wrong
in your lifestyle how you’re
not eating properly or you’re not
sleeping properly or
you’re not exercising enough and really
that’s that’s not what i’m gonna do at
um i’m not here to to prescribe how you
should be doing things again it’s about
awareness as to how things in your
could be contributing to your depleted
i also talk about negative thinking
or catastrophic thinking
and i think that’s a very important
part of building resilience is to is to
basically stop doing that and we all do
it we’re all guilty of it
uh especially in a year like 2020 where
everything is so uncertain and our minds
automatically go
off to imagining the worst and that’s
the catastrophic thinking that we
that we allow ourselves to to to go down
the road with so we look at that in ways
of changing that
so that it doesn’t have such a
detrimental effect
we also look at issues around
time management and goal setting and
these are very important things
again especially in a year such as the
one we’ve just come out of
these kinds of things kind of go out the
window because everyone’s operating on a
uh basis so so thinking about
how to be more more
organized with your time management and
setting goals just doesn’t seem to
warrant energy but it
it really does and it’s important that
these things don’t get forgotten
we also talk about communication um and
and a little bit about the power of
being assertive which is another webinar
that i
that i do in more detail but uh the way
in which you communicate with people can
can can go a long way to making you a
more resilient person you can’t change
how they communicate with you
but how you communicate with other
people can definitely
play a role in in how resilient you are
so those are just a few of the things
it’s a two-hour webinar
um if you have a look at my website
there are some dates for public
webinars coming up in the in the first
quarter of the year but as with all the
the webinars that we’re running we also
do them for in-house clients so go on
have a look
and uh if you think that you need some
some attention to to the resilience of
yourself or the people that work with
then drop us a line and we can chat all
right from
my office today until we meet again
bye for now

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