Managing Employee Mental Health during difficult times

May 8, 2020 | Workplace

How are you currently managing you employees’ mental health during this difficult time?

I liken the COVID-19 pandemic to a giant tsunami that hit the entire world at the same time with very little warning.  No-one and no country was prepared for the devastation.  Emotions of denial, anger, anxiety and depression quickly became widespread globally.  Businesses have closed down, people have lost jobs and civil unrest is rearing its ugly head.

As things in SA start to try to return to a degree of “normality”, how are you as an employer coping with your fragile employees?  Are you prepared for the exceptional leadership that is required of you at this time?  If you have people that had to move to their home offices, this would have created some anxiety.  And if they now have to move back to the office, this will also create some anxiety.  When it comes to mental health, this kind of anxiety is normal and thankfully it generally subsides with the passage of time.

Everyone has been impacted differently but in a crisis such as this, mental health simply cannot remain unaffected for human beings.  The importance of how leaders manage it in their workplaces cannot be underestimated.  I have heard it said by some employers of late that spending on non-operational things has been totally curtailed.  Spending on optimising employee mental health may not directly bring in profit.  But be warned, mental illness can definitely have catastrophic consequences on your ROI.

If you are interested in attending a webinar on the topic of understanding and managing employee mental health, get in touch.  Ticket prices range from R0.00 to R275.00 per person.

Take care everyone.



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