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Welcome to my sanctuary of thoughts and reflections! Based on mental health and mental illness topics, along with a few personal stories, this is my space to share knowledge and insight that might resonate with you.

Covid-19 cigarette ban

Why is there a cigarette ban in South Africa? I am writing this article as both an ex-smoker and a professional that works in the field of mental illness.  I am looking for someone that can justify the cigarette ban in SA during the covid-19 pandemic  The ban on...

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Suicide – a hidden cost of covid 19?

Suicide rates have never been higher in the world than they are today and this was before the covid 19 pandemic.  In 2019, the WHO released figures indicating that one attempt is successfully completed in the world every 40 seconds.  So this is 90 every hour if my...

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Corona virus and being self-employed

Remember just a few weeks ago the jokes that were circulating about corona virus?  And now today we find our country and the world going in lockdown.  I was watching a news broadcast last night in which it was recommended that if possible, everyone just stay at home. ...

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