Adapting to Change

Apr 18, 2020 | Insights | 0 comments

How well are you and your organisation adapting to change during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Change is constant

Change is constant that we know but never before in our lifetime has it been quite so global, dramatic and sudden.  No-one was prepared for this and criticism directed at Politicians for not stock-piling enough PPE is unreasonable.

Change is needed in order for learning and growth to take place but let’s not forget just how scary it can be.  Synonyms sometimes used such as upheaval, disaster, disruption, commotion and set-back pay testament to the fear.  So how are you and your organisation managing the current changes being enforced?

The road ahead

The road ahead for employers and employees is going to be a winding one.  Adapting to change is going to be challenging and exciting.  It is going to be scary and fulfulling.  It’s going to be lonely sometimes.  Some are going to experience post-traumatic stress while some will experience post-traumatic joy.  Some will come out stronger while some won’t.  The opportunities for success are there but cannot at this time be seen by everyone.

Adapting to change is a time for strong yet compassionate leadership.  It’s a time for collaboration and sharing.  It’s a time for allowing autonomy.  It is a time in which many will thrive while some will simply survive.

Although human beings generally don’t like uncertainty and unpredictability, we are in fact highly capable of adapting to change.  You just have to look back at some past events in your life to see your own resilience.  As our President has told us, we will get through this and I will add that more than ever, we need to stay positive.  Appreciate the things we have, the time we have and the people we have.  Appreciate the new opportunities.  I don’t for a second want to minimise the extent of the global catastrophe but rather continue to sew seeds of optimism.

When we all return to work things will not be the same and that may well be a good thing.  However, the change needs to be expertly managed from understanding to planning to managing resistance to implementation.  Do you know how you are going to this for your organisation?

Take care everyone.


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