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Even before the covid pandemic struck our shores early in 2020, we found ourselves facing a global mental health crisis. Sadly, in South Africa (and in many places around the world) mental illness is still poorly understood and stigmatized throughout our society, including within our workplaces. For this reason I started facilitating a series of workshops on Mental Health Matters in the Workplace in 2018. Looking back, it seems I started out just in time for the heightened crisis that we now find ourselves in! [Read more]


These workshops led to the introduction of my ongoing Mental Health Support Groups for employee teams, currently facilitated online at weekly, fortnightly or monthly frequencies. [Read more]


With over 20 years of experience, I further conduct Functional Capacity Evaluations for Life Insurers, Attorneys, and Employers, the purpose of which is to promote clarity on an employee’s capacity to continue to work, given their physical or mental illness, or injury.

Mental health and substance use disorders affect 13% of the world’s population. That number could increase as people around the world shelter in place and adjust to a new normal amid the coronavirus pandemic – By

My Three Services

Lesley Burns

Mental Health Matters In The Workplace

Offering you an extensive resource, my YouTube channel answers many mental health within the workplace related questions, exploring issues from depression and empathy, to money management and financial personalities, to addiction and resilience.

A fantastic space to explore as you upgrade your understanding of mental health matters!


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Delegate at in-house workshop on Employee Mental Health Matters, 17 March 2021

This session was awesome! Everyone in my team needs to work through the recording!! Some great tools to use.

Delegate at in-house workshop on Employee Mental Health Matters, 17 March 2021

A big thank you to you on being such an amazing host today for our #WTWW Self-love session! The event was a great success and everyone can’t stop raving about you! We learnt a lot today and you left us feeling empowered and motivated!

HR Manager, Wunderman Thompson [Mental Health Matters in the Workplace tailor-made in-house session 17 February 2021]

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