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Disability solutions in the workplace

People with medical conditions can still work and ought to be allowed to. This includes those that have suffered spinal injuries, loss of limbs and traumatic brain injuries. Those that suffer from depression and PTSD. Those that have cancer, auto immune disorders and kidney disease. I aim to help employers keep their work force intact and thus achieve the best outcome for all parties, including disability insurers.


Functional Impairment Evaluations (FIE)

An evaluation of one or more specific aspects of function, eg. hand function, mobility.

Audits of accessibility for people with disabilities

Audits of accessibility for people with disabilities are undertaken at public facilities.

Activities of Daily Living Assessments (ADL)

A short assessment only of activities of daily living.

Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE)

An evaluation of a person’s ability to function in daily living that assists in determining their work potential.

Medico-legal Claims Evaluations & Assessments

Medico-legal Evaluations are undertaken for Attorneys to assist with personal injury claims.

Return-to-Work Case management (RTW)

RTW Case Management aims to promote return to work of employees.


Understanding and managing mental illness in the workplace

Unfortunately mental illness is still poorly understood and often surrounded by prejudice, ignorance and fear. Many employees are reluctant to admit they suffer from a mental illness and their behaviour is therefore often misinterpreted by management and colleagues.
With the World Health Organisation (WHO) currently predicting that depression will be the second highest cause of morbidity by 2020, it is surely time for employers to address the epidemic.
We conduct a 2 ½ hour interactive workshop for Disability Claims Assessors, Human Resources personnel, and Managers and Supervisors in any work environment.

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